Friday, February 24, 2012

We have had two days of sunny, chilly weather. The farm children have been playing outside (as is evidenced by the toys scattered about the farm!) and I have been enjoying the first signs of spring. I have a small vase of violets on the kitchen window ledge, and they scent the kitchen beautifully. I have been burning balsam fir and spice candles all winter, and it is nice to have the spring scent of real flowers scenting the house again! However, after a brief teaser, spring once again seems a long ways off, as I listen to the wind howl and the rain lashing against the window. Bundled in a heavy sweater by the wood stove, I am looking forward to once again feeling warm sun on my face, and eating warm strawberries right out of the field. The seeds have been planted for the vegetable garden, and that gives me hope that winter is indeed almost over. And, that is about all that is happening on the farm these days!