Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blossoms on the plum tree

Another plum tree, almost ready to bud out

Asian pear tree

I thought this was a snake,and  it took a while to get up the nerve to walk past it, only to discover it was a coil of old rubber.

My canoe, waiting for me! I almost went for a row yesterday, but didn't want to take my camera in to the canoe!
Yesterday was such a lovely day, with warm sun and blue, blue skies. I had a chance to get out for a long walk, and enjoyed seeing signs of spring. Blueberry bushes covered with buds, a few tiny blossoms on one variety of plum, new leaves on the blackberries, and little baby ducks briefly spotted on the lake. Of course, this morning is cold, rainy, and gray, and I sit by the fire wrapped in extra blankets, holding my warm coffee cup for extra warmth. So exciting to see signs of spring, as we are all eagerly anticipating the summer's work and fresh berries and swims in the lake.