Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost done!

It is hard to believe that the farm year is almost over. In just one week, we will close until next June. It has been a good year. The blueberries, raspberries, and kotata blackberries did really well this year, with bushes loaded with jewel like fruit. The strawberries, pears, plums, and Asian pears were not good, but we accept that every year will have it's crops that do not do so well. Pumpkins grew pretty well, but we didn't get many large ones. The pie pumpkins did really well, so I need to get busy and freeze some for use during the winter. I also have lots and lots of the apples we grew that need to be sauced and canned. So, even though the farm works is drawing to a close, there is still more than enough work to keep me busy all winter long!

Even though I enjoy the winter, I do miss the customers and the hustle and bustle of the store. By the time June rolls around, I am more than ready to be up and running again! This year, we will be selling baked goods at the Salem Indoor Market, on 12th and Rural Street. This is such a great little market, with fresh honey, freshly roasted coffee, crafts, hazelnuts, and winter produce. Graham and Robert run the booth, and they always bring home lots of good food which they trade baked goods for. The coffee is especially good, strong and fresh.

During the winter, this blog will switch from pictures of beautiful ripe fruit and children cavorting in golden sunshine to pictures of grey skies, plants lying dormant, and rain sodden ground. Children will be bundled up against the cold, and our times outside will consist of brisk walks with faces down turned to avoid the wind. However, there will still be plenty of activity on this little farm, as we repair equipment, catch up on paperwork, take a business class or two, and pore over seed catalogs, dreaming of warm earth and green growing things.


  1. The season flew by! Our pumpkins, although many, were small too. I need to get a move on and get mine cooked and put up,but it's kind of nice to just sit here and look at them!

  2. Tracey, they are nice to look at, aren't they? I enjoy the field full of orange from my dining room window. Do you can or freeze your pumpkin?