Monday, April 23, 2012

The farm in spring

 I was hoping to get outside for a nice, long walk around the farm while we had a break from the rain. However, I was swamped all weekend and did not get a walk. The weekend was spent helping a friend spread gravel, going to a wedding, and supervising a crew of seven teenagers who were filming a school project on the farm. They needed food, and their parents needed tea and coffee and treats while the filming was going on. This evening, as storm clouds darkened the sky and lightning flashed on the distant hills, I took advantage of the last few minutes of light to take a few pictures and track the progress of the lovely green growing things! The Bleeding Heart plant was in full bloom, and I could see those bright pink flowers from across the yard. I never pick the first few flowers from the spring garden. They do not seem to last well indoors, and seem more suited to being in the garden and not in the house.
 The raspberry vines are coming along nicely, and I saw little flower buds when I inspected them tonight. I was given a recipe for raspberry cordial, which we have been enjoying all winter long, but now I am ready to taste the real thing, picked in the early morning as we walk down to get the store running for the day.
 This picture was actually taken Saturday morning, before the clouds burned off. I love the contrast between the misty grey background and the vibrant green of the grass! The blueberries are in bloom, not full bloom yet, but I look out and see lots of creamy white blossoms.
And, just because they are so beautiful and I am so smitten with them, a picture of the eldest and two youngest farm children. In just a week, the eldest will turn eighteen, so I will have an adult child! Stay tuned for more pictures of lovely green growing things around the farm, and, in just a few short weeks, we will be announcing the beginning of strawberry season!

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  1. That last picture of the three of them...sigh, so sweet.