Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coming soon!

Gooseberries! These are the pink variety. Tart and delicious.
Strawberries! About another month on these.

Stuart wanted me to post the picture of him with his Star Wars pen.....
Tomatoes! Already looking better than last years!
Raspberries, about to bloom.
Green Gage plums! We didn't get any last year, so this loaded tree makes me very happy!
Blueberry blossoms. Lovely little things, aren't they?
Quince blossoms.
Next year's strawberries are being planted today and tomorrow, and, to add a bit of craziness, we are supposed to have more frost tonight. The boys are setting up irrigation right now, to try and keep the strawberries from being harmed by the frost. We have also hired a helicopter pilot to fly around early tomorrow morning to "move the air", which is supposed to help protect from damage as well. Once again, we have a great planting crew, and the job is going well. I am in charge of keeping the crew caffeinated and fed.

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  1. Saying a prayer that the frost doesn't harm your crop! This past year has been a little crazy in the weather department hasn't it? We have been having temps in the mid 90's and have already had lettuce bolting! Everything seems to be coming in a month or two earlier than in years past.