Friday, August 3, 2012

Evening walk

Cleaning the picking machine

 Our evening walk consisted of eating a lot of yummy fruit! We sampled the last of the raspberries,
 found a very juicy plum (the only plum of this particular variety, too bad as it was delicious!),

 and ate an apple from the first tree to have ripe fruit. These are, I believe, the Lubsk apples.
 On our way home, we spotted the lovely moon rising over the Cascades. We watched it rise, and then I snapped a picture or two. As it peeked over the Cascades, the moon was a deep, glowing orange. This has been one of the first evening walks I have taken in a while, and I was very happy to witness the moon rising tonight- it was truly spectacular.
This kitty accompanied us, frisking on ahead of us if we were too slow, and coming back and weaving himself in and out of our legs if we stopped. He was on the constant alert for mice or grasshoppers! I discovered that our crab apples are ripe, which adds another item to my lengthy to-do list. I have a recipe for making pectin from crab apples that I have been wanting to try. Although this is rather low on my list of priorities, I want to make a real effort to try this. Sounds intriguing, and as I have had to make two emergency trips to the store (so far) to buy more pectin, the idea of having lots on hand in jars is very appealing! If I get around to doing this, I am sure I will be posting pictures as my recipe says the pectin in jars is beautiful!

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