Friday, November 30, 2012

A little update

In my typical fashion, I have neglected my blog. Sometimes, I just don't have a lot to say, and, during those times, it is probably best to remain silent. We have been busy, and life is full and rich and good, and we are grateful for the joys of the past year. I think I have felt more reflective, and less talkative as a result. Also, my mother's dementia has progressed, and been hard to watch, difficult to,process. We are busyness"putting the farm to bed" for the winter. The tractors are all being tuned up, the store is closed,,seed catalogs are arriving in the mail, and the once continuously ringing phone is now largely silent. We are enjoying the last vegetables of the season- the squash, potatoes,quince (fruit, I know), and onions. I also strained my first batch of raspberry cordial, and we are now happily sipping it around the fire in the evening.


We were pleased to host Thanksgiving again, once more turning the store into a festive dining hall. Delightful friends, good food, and plenty of wine to cheer us. Two of my three sisters were there as well, and I was once again filled with gratitude that we live close to each other and are best of friends. After the main meal,,everyone pitched in to clean up, and then we drove to the nearby home of our friends and dinner guests for desert and games. They have a lovely, large fireplace (and are gracious hosts! ) and we curled up,in front of it and savored the warmth.

I will wrap up this little update with a picture from a drive we take every year. This was taken at Sahalie Falls, and I will have to find my atlas (which is in the car which my son has right now) to tell you the exact highway this is on, but it is near the McKenzie River. Anyway, we hike the falls every year, and it is absolutely beautiful. Even my daughter, who hates hiking and would rather be reading anyway, loves this hike. Until next time!

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