Friday, December 16, 2011

From the kitchen

It may be cold and grey outside, but the kitchen is warm and sweet smelling!
Apple Blackberry pie, sliced up and ready for market.
Peppermint Ball cookies
Brandied dried fruit tart, also headed for market
And, farm children making gingerbread cookies for neighbors!
This time of year, baking for the market is a real pleasure! The certified kitchen is a quarter of a mile from our house, and this afternoon was so foggy I could not see the building from the house. While the farmer was busily baking treats for the Salem Public market tomorrow, the farm children and I were busy baking goodies of our own. Gingerbread, Russian tea cakes, peppermint balls, and hazelnut toffee. It was so pleasant to spend the afternoon in the kitchen with a candle lit and the lights shining out warmly against the fog of the afternoon!

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