Monday, December 5, 2011

garden in winter

This morning I braved the cold, frosty weather to take a few pictures in the garden. I typically, in winter, mourn the passing of the summer garden. I see it from my kitchen window, brown branches laden with rain silhouetted against an iron gray sky. I don't often venture out and try to find beauty in this shell of a garden. This year, I have been making a point to see the loveliness that inhabits the garden, even in winter time. The frost on leaves, turning then into diamond dusted jewels. The bare branches, their lovely forms usually obscured by leaves. Fallen leaves, in wonderful golden shades, carpet the walkway. In spite of the beauty to be found, the farm kitty and I are happy to return to the warmth of the house! One of the farm girls wraps the cat in a blanket and sits with him by the fire. I can hear his contented purr as I make myself a mug of hot tea, and then join kitty and farm children for a happy hour spent around the fire with a good book!

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