Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The season begins!

Strawberry season has officially begun! The store selling already picked berries opened Monday, and u-picks will begin on Saturday. I am trying to figure out how to get pictures from my iPhone to my computer, as most of my photos these days are taken with my phone. On my phone I have pictures of beautiful, ruby red strawberries, darling little strawberry tarts, fresh beets, pies, and scones. You will have to imagine them until I either figure out the picture transfer thing or get down to the store with my camera! The last few days have been rainy and grey, and I have had no energy or motivation. Today, I woke to partly blue skies, sunshine, and a nice breeze which, if I were to be fanciful, I would say is blowing summer in for us. However, we will have more rainy, grey June days before summer really begins, days when I long for a warm fire and endless cups of hot coffee. My husband heard a quote (I believe in a British gardening book) that said "there is nothing as cold as a June day in England." We have decided, as we hug our mugs of coffee tightly to us this morning, that the same can be said of this area of Oregon!

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