Sunday, March 27, 2011

looking forward

I know we are told to live in the moment, to not look forward, nor backwards. However, I think it is helpful to be able to look forward-this is called hope, and it is what keeps me afloat during our long, gray, rainy winters. And, yes, tonight I am looking forward. I am looking forward to long warm summer nights in the garden. Hummingbirds dart and dive with a buzzing noise, and I am endlessly fascinated by them. They seem to come out in force at dusk, and we never tire of watching their antics. I look forward to cut flowers in the house again-big vases of creamy, sweet scented roses, which make my house look more beautiful even if it is in sore need of a good cleaning. I look forward to afternoon coffee in the garden with the farmer, talking over the day and the rest of the days work. For now, I huddle close to the wood stove, listening to rain lash at the windows, clutching to the hope that warmth and flowers and singing birds will be here soon!


  1. The pictures of your flowers are beautiful. That looks like a lovely place to sit and drink coffee and watch the birds.

  2. Thank you!It is lovely, and I am SO ready for it!