Wednesday, March 30, 2011

spring flowers

Trilliums have begun to bloom in the woods. This is a sure sign of spring. Although the farmer has told the children to not pick woodland flowers (they do not last long inside, and we love to see them on our walks) my 10 year old, Evangeline, picked me a bouquet. I think she is as excited for warm weather and blooming flowers as I am. She picked them on Monday  and they are already wilting.We are still experiencing heavy rains, and the ground is saturated with water. Muddy and squelchy!


  1. Beautiful flowers, we do not have those around here. It is pouring buckets as I type and has turned a little cooler. Chocolate chip cookies are baking in the oven, the coffee is hot, I have not where to go, so I am loving this day.

  2. Sounds like my kind of day! Hot coffee, warm cookies, and nowhere to go. Enjoy!

  3. Trillium...gorgeous! The Willamette Valley? I absolutely love Central Oregon, but in the spring I ENVY you! One of my best friends lives in Oregon City and my 'married in July' daughter now lives in Hillsboro...My friend taunts me from now until June with pictures of her awakening garden while I sit here in my winter house aching for the first signs of spring. If you do decide to visit the museum, let us know. I love new friends!

  4. I love the Valley in spring time! I spent six years in south central Oregon (Bly) and loved coming to Salem and seeing green grass and flowers when we still had snow on the ground! Central Oregon is beautiful though, and I envy you your snow. I will let you know if we make it to the museum. It will be in the next month or so, as our farm season kicks in to high gear in June,