Saturday, May 21, 2011


Columbines, almost in full bloom

The garden is at that lovely stage of being almost in full, glorious bloom. There are now spots of color here and there, and so much verdant green beauty. Even though it will be the end of July before things really reach their peak, the garden will look full and lovely before that. It is almost warm enough for morning coffee in the gazebo, almost dry enough to wander barefooted, and many flowers are almost in bloom! We saw a hummingbird with a bright pink head at the dining room window a few evenings ago. It was the most vividly colored hummingbird I have ever seen, and although I have been keeping a close eye out for him, I have not seen him again. I am hoping he has taken up residence, as he was so fun to watch!

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  1. Your garden is so beautiful! We have been having hummingbirds here too, but everytime I grab the camera they are gone.