Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more beautiful skies!

The rainbow seemed to end at our shed!

At the top of the driveway

Looking west

Lovely violet skies

The last of the sun
We have had showers on and off all day, with sunshine this afternoon. Dusk was lovely, with rainbows and a golden-violet light bathing everything. It was cold enough this evening that the farmer built a fire in the wood stove, and I am huddled close to its warmth as I type. I have been getting lots of calls from people wanting to know when the strawberries will be ripe, and I have to tell them it will be another three weeks or so. The farmer is hoping to plant next year's strawberries this week, and after they are in the ground, we can focus o getting the store cleaned and all set up for another season! I am assembling a crew to work during the summer, and looking at dates for an employee meeting. I do a basic training every year, explaining what I expect from my employees and making sure everyone knows that if they can not be polite to our customers, they may not work for us! We have been blessed to have excellent employees, who work hard, show up for work on time, are polite, and trustworthy. We have only had to fire one employee, a hapless young man who told my twelve year old (at the time) daughter that she was a se*y young thing. The farmer overheard him, and fired him on the spot. So! Three more weeks and then the busy season begins, This winter has not felt very restful, and I am trying very hard to get caught up on my house work so as not to fall behind when harvest season hits!


  1. This is very exciting, I'm looking forward to watching how everything unfolds. Setting up shop sounds so... good!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Setting up shop is fun! We sell a few antiques, and arranging them and setting up displays is really fun!

  3. I just read your comment about Deepwood... How wonderful! We had such a good time and thought, "why don't we do things like this more often?"

    You sell antiques too? I can't wait to see the summer pics!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Just a few antiques, but we have fun finding things! I can't wait to post the summer pictures! I am so looking forward to sun warmed strawberries right out of the field1