Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pictures from an evening walk

Blueberries in full bloom!
Green lovliness
The big hill I walk up and down to get a good workout!
Raspberry bushes in evening sunlight
Hoop houses going up
Those little green buds will soon be delicious raspberries!
I took my camera with me when I  took my walk this evening. The cold gray morning was replaced with beautiful golden sunlight, making everything glow. I had a hard time going back inside, but there was bread to make and laundry to fold and little girls to read to. I am so happy to see signs of fruit on apple, pear, and quince trees and the tiniest of raspberries on the vines. The plums are a different story! The blossoms look as if they either froze or got some sort of illness, as they are crinkled up and brown. The leaves don't look healthy and are sparse. I am trying not to be distressed about this, but I love plums and was really looking forward to a good harvest this year! The farmer says not to be worried yet, that the brown blossoms do not necessarily mean that we will not have fruit. I hope he is right! As I walked through the apple orchard, I could hear bees busily buzzing about, pollinating my apple trees for me! The apples, pears, Asian pears and quince are in full bloom right now, and they all look great! Nice, creamy white blossoms tinged with pink. They smell so sweet, I was tempted to cup an armful and bring them inside, but I think I would rather have more fruit in the fall that blossoms inside for a few days. And, besides, the lilacs are in full bloom, and the little girls are bringing me great bouquets of them. The scent of the lilacs would probably overpower the gentle smell of apple blossoms!


  1. I'm so impressed with those beautiful raspberries! Just beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Aren't they beautiful? It is the first really healthy looking batch we have had, and they are one of our most requested fruits. We may actually meet demand this year!