Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Growing things!

Little green blueberries!

and raspberries

Kotata blackberries

Row of lovely potatoes. The farmer planted lots of fun varieties, including fingerlings and Yukon Golds

One ripe strawberry! This made the best dessert!

The apple trees are loaded! These are Wenatchee Earlys

The quince trees are also loaded!

Although most of the plums did not pollinate, one variety did well, and the trees are loaded!

Well, most of them are. This is the only plum on this tree!
I love walking around the farm after dinner and seeing how the various crops are coming along. After such a cold, rainy spring it is especially nice to see things growing and ripening. I usually don't take my camera, but tonight I thought it would be fun to record the progress! The strawberries are almost ready, everything else is about a month or six weeks away from being ripe. I see a lot of canning, freezing, and dehydrating in my future!

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  1. My blueberries are Finally turning and I am able to pick a few. Usually at this time I have a dozen quarts in the freezer, but since we have been so dry they are slow to ripen this year. I have been running the hoses, but they really need rain. I have never eaten a quince before...what is the texture comparable to? I will have to look for some at the market.