Saturday, June 4, 2011

roses and green strawberries

All of my lovely rose bushes are almost in full bloom. The bushes are covered with swelling buds, and I am getting enough flowers for some pretty little bouquets. Love these sweet, old fashioned roses, with their wonderful smell and lovely colors. We also have green strawberries, and tonight Estelle combed the field and found one big, juicy, ripe strawberry. The dear girl brought it in to share with the rest of us, and we each got a dear little bite. Pure heaven! I would of taken a picture of the season's first berry, but I was in the middle of winning a pinochle game. We hope to begin u-picking on the 17th, and I have been gathering jam containers and washing the dehydrator (I make a ton of fruit leather each summer) in preparation for fruit season. Bring on the berries, I am ready for shortcake with lashings of freshly whipped creme for breakfast!


  1. Good luck with your u-pick season. I have been putting up corn [already!] and this afternoon I am working on carrots. I haven't even picked the first blueberry yet, but the garden is all coming in very early. We are having a very strange growing season.

  2. Sweet Estelle. I would have loved to have seen your prized strawberry but obviously one isn't going to jeopardize one's pinochle game now is one? Maybe I'll make it to the valley in season and pick my own!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. My sister has been known to switch cards around during a game if I leave the table-she is competitive, that one! So no, even the first strawberry of the season is not worth losing the game!

    Tracey, we are having a strange growing season as well, but things are finally beginning to ripen!