Sunday, April 17, 2011

 Currants are one of the only things blooming in the garden right now!
 The farmer hard at work!
 Mary in the garden. She is facing south, and in the summer she is surrounded by white flowers.
 One of the little girls picked this and stuck it in the tree. It would appear as if they were anxious for the tree to bloom......
 Fountain, surrounded by beautiful, old fashioned white roses. One of my favorite spots in the garden.
 Lonely gazebo, site of many tea parties in the summer!
 Imagine this path in summer,when the trees make a lovely canopy overhead and the flowers are bursting in bloom!
The oldest and the youngest in the garden! Stuart on the left, Graham on the right. We went for a long walk this afternoon (actually had a semi-sunny day with no rain, although it was still cold) and I forgot to take my camera. We saw a deer, three snakes, salamanders, frogs, and lots of lovely trilliums in bloom! My girls took me on quite an adventure in the woods which involved our boots getting stuck in gooey, swampy mud, waist high stinging nettle, and finding a secret path through the woods to a hidden cave. We never found the path or the cave, and I started to feel lost and panicky and tired of crawling under fallen limbs, so we left the woods and went back to the lake.  Tomorrow I am going to drag my canoe back to the lake and have a good row around, and clear the winter's debris from the overflow drain. If it doesn't rain!


  1. Your yard is so lovely. I do wish we had a gazebo here. We have always talked about building one, but never gotten to it. Sounds like you had an exciting walk. Enjoy your week.

  2. Graham! That's the other one's name. (You know, like in The Sound of Music? God bless... Graham?) I LOVE his name too!!

    I'm looking forward to watching your property come to life...

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Thank you! Graham is my mother's maiden name. I have always loved the name! I will be posting a lot of garden pictures, it is very photogenic! If either of you ever visit my garden, I will serve you tea in the gazebo!