Thursday, April 21, 2011

happenings around the farm!

It seems as if spring has finally sprung! The tulips are blooming, the fruit trees are in full bloom, and we had some sunny, warm(ish) weather this week. The blueberries are just starting to bloom, they will not reach full bloom until mid to late May, but it is nice to see a few blooms now. The electric company came by today and finished hooking up our new irrigation system. The old system had some electrical problems, and we have been working on the problem over the winter. These things are not urgent during winter, and so it made me feel as if summer were right around the corner to have them finish the job. As if "those people will need that irrigation system any day now-we had better get over there and finish that job!" The farmer has been finishing the job of digging bulbs (lily, gladiola, and dahlia bulbs, to be exact) and separating them, and then replanting them in the display garden. We have several long rows of gladiolas, and the hummingbirds love them. When I walk down those rows in the early morning or late evening, I see so many of them, and hear their cheerful humming noises. I sent off the deposit on next years strawberry plants today, and those plants will be shipped and planted sometime with in the next months. The busy farm season is fast approaching, and I need to spend some time getting my house in order before those long, crazy days of strawberry and blueberry season begin!

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