Friday, August 5, 2011

garden pictures!

 Honestly, I could spend all day taking and posting pictures of the garden right now. It is in full bloom, and the weather has been lovely- sunny and crystal clear, and everything is drenched in beautiful golden sunlight. Since pictures load on my blog so slooooooowly, I have created a flickr (leaving out the "e" in that word goes against my nature) account to showcase the garden. It can be found at Enjoy!
And, here is some more lovliness found in the garden- the farm children playing together. I am so grateful that my older children play with their little brother so sweetly! Even though they are teenagers, they still run around the garden with him and dig roads in the dirt with him. Here, they are lying in wait for the cat who scratched Stuart, so they can make him apologize. The cat never came by, he usually keeps a pretty safe distance from Stuart!

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