Sunday, August 28, 2011

summer evening walk

Blueberries are an excellent dessert!
Quince fruit. Love the little stars on them. These will be ready to harvest in late September.
The still lake. No farm kids splashing around tonight!
Estelle and Stuart removing garden debris. Stuart is just able to push the wheelbarrow, and so proud of himself!
I love the way the silo is framed by the flowers!
The last few weeks have been a delightful whirlwind of parties, visits from friends and family, lesson planning, and the usual farm work. Even though it has been a fun few weeks, I have missed my long, rambling evening walks. Now that things have slowed down a bit, I am enjoying these walks once again. I start by wandering in to the blueberry fields, picking a few handfuls for dessert. Then I walk down the row of plum, quince, and apple trees. The plums are gone, and the apples and quince are not quite ready, so i content myself with some blackberries and cherry tomatoes. Next stop is the lake, and I planned on going for a row but my canoe has drifted over in to the marshy area and I can not get to it! However, the reflection of the trees on the water is beautiful, so I happily take pictures and enjoy the peaceful moment. A little reprieve from the business of life! Next stop is the strawberry field, where our ever bearing strawberries are crowding the plants with ripe berries. I eat a few, and then wander up to the potato rows. The plants have not died yet, so I know the potatoes are not ready to dig, but I push back the dirt around a plant of two and look at the lovely little potatoes I will soon be enjoying! Can't wait! I walk back to the garden, dodging the sprinklers in the blueberry field as I go. A little shower would feel nice, but I don't want to ruin my new camera! Spend a few minutes watching the hummingbirds, and then go inside to work on lesson plans. My evening walks are always the perfect restorative, and I always feel more peaceful and calm upon my return!


  1. And what a fairyland you have to walk in!! Just gorgeous... and delicious!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. I have just arrived in Salem for the month as my husband works in this area... And I am reading in one in the SALEM TRAVEL that the Fordyce Farm is a place to visit for produce. Is this you? I will stop by and introduce myself.
    Nancy from Jacksonville

  3. Yes!That is us! If you do stop by, give me a call first, as I am usually not down at the store!The number in our advertisement is the correct one!