Sunday, August 7, 2011

off of the farm!

Silver Falls State Park

One of the falls

sunflowers along the road

poppies (grown for seed) bathed in evening gold.
I know it is important to try to love where you live. To find the good, and learn contentment right where you are. Honestly, sometimes that is hard. In the middle of February, for example, when the cold, windy rain is pelting down and showing no signs of stopping. Ever. Or, in July when you have a garden party planned and it rains a steady drizzle all morning. In April, when the rest of the country is experiencing lovely blue skies and warmer weather, we are still wrapped up in our blanket of gray, carrying drippy umbrellas and dodging giant puddles.However, most of the time it is easy to love the Willamette Valley. Summertime is usually lovely in the valley, and this summer has been exceptional. Sunny, warm but not hot, crystal clear skies, and a nice cool breeze  every evening. Usually by this time of the year, the grass along the roads is starting to look brown and dusty. This year, everything is still a sparkly emerald green. This is the kind of summer that gives you hope during the dark days of winter, and makes enduring the months of rain totally worthwhile!


  1. I saw the poppy field and now the Wizard of Oz song is in my head! Beautiful! xx

  2. I've heard wonderful things about Silver Falls! And ooh, that poppy field! Gorgeous. We were just in the valley for the weekend and it was wonderful. Just the right temperature for everything we were doing!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Tracey, I had the same song running through my head as I snapped the picture! How funny!

    Debbie, you are so right about the weather this weekend- it was just right!

  4. Wonderful pictures...looking forward to exploring Oregon in a few weeks!

  5. Thank you,Nancy! Oregon is a fun place to explore. Where abouts will you be?

  6. For the first few months in Salem then will be in Portland. I see you over at The blog Like Mother Like Daughter. I also like to read her blog!

  7. All I can think when I see those poppies is "Sleep...poppies will make you sleep..." in the Wizard of oz