Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mr. Hummingbird

Oh Mr. Hummingbird, won't you please sit still so I can take your picture? I wait, slow little point and shoot camera focused and ready. You flit into my viewfinder, and then dart and dash away. You swirl and swoop, wings whirling, and buzz out of my range of vision before I even have a chance to snap your picture! After weeks of trying, this is the best picture I have of you! Does the noisy two year old who accompanies me on my evening walk frighten you away?  Someday, I will get a good picture of you, and then I will be satisfied!


  1. I've tried with hummingbirds and it sooo hard to get them still. You did very well,.

  2. Thank you! They are so tricky-I thought a two year old boy was hard, but he seems easy now!